The Almighty makes use of the weakest means to bring about his work
- Nano Nagle


The Almighty makes use of the weakest means to bring about his work
The call to be a Presentation Sister today is as challenging and radical as it was when Nano first called her companions together to respond to the needs of the poor children and people of Cork and founded the Congregation in 1175.

Nano Nagle founded a religious institute to continue and extend her work for the education of the poor, the evangelisation of her people and the relief of those most exploited by the Penal Laws. This institute became the Congregation of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Today, over 3,000 sisters work as teachers, counsellors, therapists, nurses, administrators, spiritual guides, chaplains, pastoral agents, and in community and enterprise development.
You will find us in schools, colleges, community centres, health centres, hospitals, and prisons.

Commitment to Christ and his values determines where and how we live:

  • quietly integrated into cities, towns, villages, rural communities
  • in the midst of strife-torn communities, e.g. Northern Ireland and Pakistan
  • alongside people suffering famine and drought in Africa, grinding poverty in Latin America and Asia

Ours is essentially a prayerful, reflective living in today’s world, calling for

  • courage
  • insight and understanding into what makes society ‘tick’
  • boundless trust in the God of Jesus Christ

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